deezzy (deezzy) wrote in g_ad,

hi... someone

I'm 37 ..and have come to terms with whats going on with me(gad)...i 've lost jobs,have no friends except for my husband  and live in a very isolated community..where i stick out like a sore thumb,race and personality wise(then again i've always felt different))..they don't get me and i don't get them...i've shopped like crazy because it's the only thing that made me happy..of course maxing out my credit card and my husbands put an end to lasts for a moment then i 'm on to my next" fix".i've had a new job every year since i moved here..totalling about 5..(i won't mention the others-max was 3yrs) i can't afford to lose another i finally came out to my doctor...i've been on it (effexor) about a month and half..i've tried prozac and lexapra..and cymbalta.The effexor seems to be working..i wanna tell my husband but something tells me not to...forget my family, to them it's's an excuse not to go back to school and get my degree..i just wanna tell someone...
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