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haven't been here for a looooong while

hi. this is jenna. i used to fill out my therapy sessions and conversations with the docs on here but stopped cause i was feeling better lol well i'm back. it seems like right now i have a crappy attitude "what's the point?" you know? like no matter what i've been doing nothing is going to work. the whole g.a.d. thing is driving me up the wall. i go through days where i wake up and feel like i'm top of the world but one little thing will happen out of nowhere (like my heart will start to race for a split second) and bam! reality immediately starts to settle in. i wanna get off my lexapro but i seriously doubt my doc will let me cause "he sees improvements" do you notice that the "improvements" happen at an inconvenient time? you'll be feeling like shit the whole week or symptoms will linger on and on and on but once you step into your doc's office *poof* you feel normal again. ugh. i'm just so frustrated right now i swear...discouraged too. i think discouragement makes me feel the worse. just when i think there's hope it dissipates right before my very eyes. so there i go, back to contemplating my life and goals and such....oh well. what can i do except sit here and wait for meds to kick in lol talk to you guys later!
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