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Generalized Anxiety Disorder [entries|friends|calendar]
Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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Happiness is not normal [01 Feb 2010|09:15pm]




Interesting article, what do you guys think?

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New ACT & CBT Anxiety study [07 Oct 2009|04:35pm]


Hello everyone,

I am assisting with a project that you may find interesting and potentially helpful.  We are a group of researchers conducting a study on self-help treatments for anxiety, comparing mindfulness/acceptance and cognitive-behavioral approaches.  Research has shown that both types of approaches are effective in alleviating anxious suffering.  If you are eligible for participation, you will receive a free copy of either "The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety" or "The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety."   If you are interested, please visit our website at: www.ActforAnxiety.com, and follow the double workbook icon.  I invite you to check it out and wish you the best.



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ACT for Anxiety [20 Dec 2008|06:18pm]


Hi everyone,

I am assisting with a project that I think you may find interesting and has the potential to be helpful.  There’s a group of researchers who are doing a study about mindfulness and acceptance based self-help treatments for anxiety.  If you’re eligible, you can get a free copy of The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety.  If you’re interested, here’s the link:  www.ActforAnxiety.com.  I invite you to check it out and wish you the best.



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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy(ACT) for Anxiety [08 Nov 2008|07:46pm]

[ mood | productive ]

Recent research suggests that Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) may be helpful for people struggling with a variety of psychological problems including stress, excessive fear, and anxiety. Researchers at the University at Albany – SUNY are currently conducting an innovative online self-help treatment study using ACT and mindfulness and acceptance practices to help people who are struggling with anxiety. Eligible participants will get a free copy of The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Anxiety by John P. Forsyth, Ph.D. and Georg H. Eifert, Ph.D. and the chance to learn new, workable ways of living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. If you’re interested, the link is www.ActforAnxiety.com.

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[28 Apr 2008|06:45pm]
 I am a graduate student studying the effects of benzodiazepine drugs.  Benzodiazepines are also known as the minor tranquilizers.  Valium, Clonapin, Ativan, Xanax etc. are some of the most common.  If you, or someone you know well, have used, or are using these drugs, please fill out the survey that applies.  If you know anyone in either of these categories (user, or know someone who is a user) please encourage them to take the survey as well.  Your participation is voluntary, fully confidential, and greatly appreciated.

For those who are using or have used benzodiazepines, please complete this survey:



For those who know someone who has used or is currently using benzodiazapines, please complete this survey:


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Seeing GP tomorrow [20 Mar 2008|11:46am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi everyone.
I don't know if this community is very active as there haven't been any posts for a bit, but I'll give it a go anyway.
I'm seeing my GP tomorrow to talk to him about the possibility that I might be suffering from GAD (I'll not be that specific, but say I think it's anxiety as he probably won't take me seriously if he thinks I've been self-diagnosing!). I went to see him a couple of weeks ago because I was getting light-headed a lot and having headaches. It seemed to be happening mostly when I was hungry so he did some blood tests for blood sugar etc. but they've come back normal. I've thought in the past that the light-headedness (which has actually been going on for years) might be anxiety or stress related and now I'm sure it is. I looked up info about anxiety and GAD seems to fit perfectly with my symptoms:
cut for long list - which I'll take to doctor in case I find it hard to talk aboutCollapse )
Does this sound familiar to anyone?

It seems to me that I've been anxious since I was a kid. I think part of it is to do with feeling responsible for my mum when dad left (I was 8) - I felt like I had to be perfect so she wouldn't leave too so I feel like I missed out on a lot of experiences growing up, and I was always worried she'd get really depressed. I was also mugged about 5 years ago and I think that just made things worse (I wasn't hurt physically but it made me really scared of being hurt or my space being invaded). Sometimes I feel anxious just walking down the street - I worry about my facial expression and what people think of me and sometimes my chest feels tight and I start breathing really fast. I've been avoiding dealing with this for so long but I know I need to do something about it. I'm working on a book atm, doing part-time admin and looking for a job so it's a good time for me to try to get this sorted. The worry and anxiety makes job interviews really difficult for me. I've had 5 and no job, so I need to sort myself out so I can try to get a job for next semester (I'm a sociologist looking for a lectureship).

I'm being more open about the anxiety with my family, partner and friends and they're all being incredibly supportive, although some really don't understand, having never experienced anything like this. A couple of friends have similar problems and it really helps to talk to them. Tomorrow morning I see the doctor and I'm really nervous cos I've heard so much about the NHS (I'm in UK) and GPs being crap at referring people to psychologists and I really don't want medication. I'm currently taking St. John's wart and doing lots of exercise which seems to help, but I think what I really need is CBT to help change my thought processes.

Anyway, I hope some people are reading this and will respond. I'd be really interested to hear what experiences you all had with talking to GPs. I just think I'll downplay it when the time comes and it'll not seem serious enough for the Dr to refer me. He might think it can't be that serious cos I managed to get my PhD, I teach (lecturing up to 300 students sometimes, as well as small tutorial classes) and give conference presentations, and so it might seem like the anxiety doesn't really stop me getting on with my life. But I'm finding it so hard to concentrate on my book and it's affecting my relationships cos I'm always seeking reassurance and feel so unsure of myself.

Thanks for reading and hopefully there will be more activity on here soon :)

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medicine [25 Nov 2007|01:10am]

So, I'm taking this medicine for social anxiety/general anxiety, and I feel so depressed. I normally don't feel like this, for the most part anyway, although I used to a couple of years ago, but it sucks feeling like this. I have no energy to do anything. I'm trying to stay positive because there's an adjustment period, but part of me just wants to give up on the whole medicine thing. Has anyone tried medicine and found something that helps?
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[19 Nov 2007|07:06pm]

I think people are so mean nowadays. I really believe that. I don't want that to be true, and I don't think everyone is mean, I just think the level of meanness that is considered allowable is a lot greater than it used to be. I realize I'm speaking in generalities, but this is kind of a hard subject for me to articulate on. I just saw this list of Oprah's Top Blunders of the Year, and I thought it was ridiculous. I'm not a big Oprah fan or anything, but who are they to list her blunders. One of them was her thyroid condition!! I could not believe they wrote that. Another one was that her dog choked to death and she still hasn't gotten over it. Whoever wrote this is just sick. This was on the front page of aol.com on the front page of *their* entertainment news.

Then, today I hear the story of that little girl who killed herself over the mom pretending to be some young boy who had a crush on her. There are no words for that. There was a lady on tv talking about how we have a "vulture culture." I've never heard it put that way, but I think that's the truth. It's survival of the fittest in this country. I don't know if it's like that in other countries because I've never lived in another country. But, I don't think things were this bad in the 80s and 90s. I think it escalated once the net took off.

After watching almost 1 hour of tv, I felt pretty bummed. There are all these stupid commercials about how you need to get rid of wrinkles and lose weight followed by commercials for 1,000 calorie pasta. It is so messed up. I hear so many freakin commercials for anti-wrinkle stuff, it makes me nervous, and I shouldn't even be needing to think about that right now.

I really, really need to find a way to keep myself from being exposed to that b.s. It honestly feels like all these stuff is pathological. I take that back, it is pathological. It's so twisted and destructive. Unfortunately, it feels like I'm addicted to watching tv at least part of the time. If nothing else, I need to commit to always muting/ignoring commercials.

I also hate having to look at the aol screen when I check my email. But I really need to keep my old email address. But they always have ridiculous and hurtful news about some celebrity or just something that is generally depressing and effed up.

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[01 Oct 2007|09:37pm]

Hey, I'm Ines, I'm a 21 year old college student in NY. I've been dealing with anxiety disorder for a long time now, but nothing seems to work. Meditation helps me, but I have a difficult time regularly keeping it in my schedule.
This weekend I ended up in the hospital due to a really horrible anxiety attack. It made me realize how much more serious I need to be about my treatment, and how it's really important to NOT let it go. If there are any people here who know they have a problem but are being somewhat passive in treatment, I really urge you to work on this problem and try to take care of yourself. Ending up in the hospital was really when it hit me how serious this can be.

I've had really bad experiences with SSRI antidepressants, and have been trying to avoid them (and medication in general, but ending up in the hospital made me realize it was time to get serious about this). I decided to try Buspirone (or BuSpar) instead, but don't really know anybody who is on it. It seems to be a pretty unique anxiolytic. Any experiences?

I wish you all the best of luck in dealing with your anxiety.
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hi... someone [15 Aug 2007|07:22pm]

I'm 37 ..and have come to terms with whats going on with me(gad)...i 've lost jobs,have no friends except for my husband  and live in a very isolated community..where i stick out like a sore thumb,race and personality wise(then again i've always felt different))..they don't get me and i don't get them...i've shopped like crazy because it's the only thing that made me happy..of course maxing out my credit card and my husbands put an end to that..it lasts for a moment then i 'm on to my next" fix".i've had a new job every year since i moved here..totalling about 5..(i won't mention the others-max was 3yrs) i can't afford to lose another job..so i finally came out to my doctor...i've been on it (effexor) about a month and half..i've tried prozac and lexapra..and cymbalta.The effexor seems to be working..i wanna tell my husband but something tells me not to...forget my family, to them it's laziness..it's an excuse not to go back to school and get my degree..i just wanna tell someone...
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New Member. [15 Aug 2007|02:15pm]

So.. I have self-diagnosed myself with GAD. I currently have no insurance plan and I don't really know how doctors handle these kinds of things anyway. Luckily, i have been managing with it, thus far. I was hoping to get some of your opinions.. Since you folks have more knowledge about GAD.. Is this the same kind of stuff you guys put up with? :

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Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does it sound like GAD? Or am I just stressing out entirely too much? Sometimes its not even something major. Talking on the phone with my mother will make me panic, and I have a relitively good relationship with my mom.. I just can't handle.. anything. Anymore.

I'm scared, because all of my physical anxiety started after college. I will be attending school again for my second degree starting next week. And I'm concerned because I'm not sure if I just "became" anxious in recent years, or if it something that was always there, but i had never dealt with because I was happier and more confident with education than I have ever been in "the real world". Does that even make sense? Gah.. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and get insurance, so a doctor can help me, instead of a plethra of LJ & Myspace groups.

sigh.. help.
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[06 Aug 2007|09:57pm]

Friends, we invite you in international community of retaliatory psychiatry. It exists for consideration mental destructions, negative influences on mentality and other... You can leave messages on any (Russian, English, German, French, etc.) language. P.S. We are sorry for possible incorrect translation. All claims to the Online-translator;) Thanks for attention.
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new member :] [06 Aug 2007|03:05am]

Hello everyone =). I'll just start off with my story; I have an anxiety disorder w/ agoraphobia. I first got it when I was about 8 years old, it lasted a few months then completely disappeared. It re-surfaced again when I was about fourteen years old because of a drug incident. I was given Lexapro to take every day and Clonzepam to take when needed. For the past four years, since it resurfaced, it has been on and off for me. I remember tenth grade, I felt great and hardly ever got any anxiety attacks. Junior year was okay, I got it more often towards the end of the year, but this Senior year and summer before college it has just been ridiculous. 

I find myself thinking really crazy and ridiculous thoughts all the time that freak me out. I get scared watching horror movies and other kinds of movies. V for Vendetta gave me an anxiety attack. I'm currently on 20mg of Lexapro and I take half a Clonzepam when needed, but I really don't want to have my meds increased. I was wondering if anyone has experienced the same type of anxiety as me or knows how I can help myself learn to manage it better without increasing medication? I heard good schedule, diet and exersize help.. has that worked for anyone? Or does anybody have any other suggestions?  Any responces will be greatly appreciated, it's really starting to effect my life again and I'm desperate. =\
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[03 Aug 2007|10:12am]

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Meds! [29 Jun 2007|09:45pm]

Anyone here on Seroquel and/or Neurontin?

Do you get involuntary movements sometimes? Does your speech get screwed up at times?
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haven't been here for a looooong while [23 Jun 2007|12:08am]

[ mood | pissed off ]

hi. this is jenna. i used to fill out my therapy sessions and conversations with the docs on here but stopped cause i was feeling better lol well i'm back. it seems like right now i have a crappy attitude "what's the point?" you know? like no matter what i've been doing nothing is going to work. the whole g.a.d. thing is driving me up the wall. i go through days where i wake up and feel like i'm top of the world but one little thing will happen out of nowhere (like my heart will start to race for a split second) and bam! reality immediately starts to settle in. i wanna get off my lexapro but i seriously doubt my doc will let me cause "he sees improvements" do you notice that the "improvements" happen at an inconvenient time? you'll be feeling like shit the whole week or symptoms will linger on and on and on but once you step into your doc's office *poof* you feel normal again. ugh. i'm just so frustrated right now i swear...discouraged too. i think discouragement makes me feel the worse. just when i think there's hope it dissipates right before my very eyes. so there i go, back to contemplating my life and goals and such....oh well. what can i do except sit here and wait for meds to kick in lol talk to you guys later!

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I want my Ativan back. [24 May 2007|05:18pm]

[ mood | grumpy ]


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Off of Elavil, on Klonopin [23 May 2007|03:40pm]

Anyone here on Klonopin? I need some feedback on how it effects people. Does it take some time to really get in your system? I'm used to Ativan so I'm leery.
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Elavil [21 May 2007|05:52pm]

Has anyone ever taken this before for sleep or anxiety? I just got started on it today so any info would be great.
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One of my methods for dealing with it. [19 May 2007|10:54pm]

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